Window Tinting is very common now as quite alot of people are doing it. At Auto-Tek Tints we provide fantastic Mobile Window Tinting Services in Birmingham. We strive to achieve a high level of quality with every service we offer, making sure we gain 100% customer satisfaction every time

Products we use...

Window Tinting is not easy anymore as so many people are competing at low low prices, we stand out from the crowd as we do a spot-on job every time! Auto-Tek Tints' Mobile Window Tinting Service gives you superior quality and value, the film which we use is Solar Gard. Not only does Window Tinting customize the appearance of your car, it improves safety and security too.

Features and Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Blocks 42% of solar rays
  • Blocks 99% harmful uv rays
  • Scratch resistant to a degree
  • Reduced glare
  • Ariel and GPS friendly
  • Various shade from light smoke to limo black
  • fantastic clarity for unaltered visibility

The Law

Amendments to Legislation. Ever since the early part of 2004 the government amended one of the regulations know as Section 32 Road Vehicles Act (Construction and Use). Therefore film application forwarded to the b-post back of a vehicle blocking out more than 70% of solar rays will be viewed as in conflict with regulations, this mean that police have the rights to issue you with a £30 fine and peel off and film on only the drivers and passengers window. However you are allowed as dark as you like on rear glass.

Customer Feedback

Well i had my Audi A4 tinted by these guys and the end result was second to none, it just gave it that perfect finish i was looking for, the service is friendly and the work is carried out in the upmost proffessional manner, well done James, i will have no hesitation on passing your excellent workmanship to others. 10 out of 10.
Mike Riordon

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