Xenon Headlights - also known as High Intensity Discharge Lights are typically 5x brighter and last up to 50x longer than original Halogen Bulbs. They light up 3x the road surface area than conventional bulbs and use a sharp bright light which will make night time driving a lot safer as you will be more visible to other road users and you will see more clearly whilst night driving. Road signs will reflect more brightly and overall you are more likely to experience a less tiring drive as eye strain will be reduced. We supply and fit HID Conversions in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

HID Conversions in the West Midlands

With many years of experience in providing HID conversions in Birmingham and the whole of the West Midlands, Auto-Tek Tints should always be your first choice. I do regular work for Drayton Mercedes in Worcester and also Rybrook BMW, as well as private work. I have fitted many of these kits and all my customers think they are absolutely amazing and will always use xenons. I can supply and fit your conversion kit from as little as £130 or if you would prefer to fit the kit yourself I can supply a complete conversion kit for as little as £80 depending on specification. I can also provide separate Bulbs or Balast parts etc... as well as HID conversion kits for Motorbikes. I am happy to do HID Conversions in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Solihull and the West Midlands

HID Conversions in Wolverhampton

Provided in the packs are:
  • 2 Non-filament bulbs
  • 2 Ballast Packs
  • The choice of either Ice White or Ice Blue bulbs
A transformer is used to jump the gap when the lights are first turned on and they run on about 80 volts thereafter. The kits come with a two year warranty.
So for Headlight conversions in Wolverhampton or HID conversions in Wolverhampton call Auto-Tek. We are experts in the field who specialise in HID Conversions and Window tinting. We can provide most parts individually and will always offer a friendly and professional service. We are also happy to give advice so if you are thinking of converting your car, please call: 07840 520 380 or e-mail me on the contact us page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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